Our 2018 headliners: Sonia Sanchez · Kaveh Akbar · Duy Doan · Jeffrey Harrison · Dorianne Laux · Erika Meitner · Carl Phillips · Nicole Sealey · Sean Thomas Dougherty · Rhina P. Espaillat

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James St. Vincent

James St. Vincent is a poet with a profound love for the 18th and 19th century. He has tried to model his own scripture work after his own experiences and his literary hero's like Hawthorne and Emerson. He studies the historic wonders of Massachusetts and the literary homes residing there as well as the esoteric knowledge of the universe around us. In his next life, he wishes to return as a raccoon with small hands. He believes there is more to him than the mistake of his gendered condition and wishes to remind those around him that the ride in the skin suit is only but temporary and it is the magic of the time spent here that is eternal.